Time & Attendance

NEXTRA's Time and Attendance module includes a wide range of facilities for current and historical management of attendance, calculation of hours, forward availability of labour and management of annualised hours/flexible-working schemes.


  • Both clocking and non-clocking of shifts is supported.
  • Worked hours, overtime, sickness, holidays and other forms of absence are all supported.
  • Comprehensive support for an organisationís working arrangements, business rules, pay rules and shift patterns including fixed, flexible and rotating shifts.
  • Detailed reporting enables control of attendance, absence and overtime.
  • Clocking methods can include mobile devices / T&A swipe or Biometric Units / PC Clocking.
  • Casual workers are only paid for hours worked and approved.
  • No overtime is accrued for working longer hours unless approved.
  • All hours worked can be viewed on timesheets and amended if required by authorised managers.
  • All hours worked can be viewed by the employee / casual workers in self service.
  • Electronic timesheets can be submitted from the individual employees to the relevant managers for authorisation.
  • Authorised timesheets are added to the appropriate payroll export.
  • Support for weekly, monthly or fortnightly timesheets