products overview

We excel in offering top quality software development services based on many years of professional experience and technological advancements.

Time & Attendance

Eliminating the need for manual processes and dual entry of data, the fully automated Time and Attendance software ensures you get the most out of your staff without wasting or losing employee hours. With clockings and automatic payroll processing your staff will be paid accurately.


NEXTRA makes the process of creating rosters simple and effective by combining the ability to create recurring work patterns, ad-hoc shifts and staff availabilities across multiple locations whilst ensuring compliance with complex working time rules.

Human Resources

NEXTRA makes the process managing staff and their resources simple and effective. With fully date tracked staff records and comprehensive document management, we will easily become your one-stop solution for all staff information hosted securely and effectively.

Demand Rostering

Building rosters no longer needs to be complicated, time consuming and prone to errors. No matter how big or small your organisation, let the NEXTRA application create your rosters using its next generation roster builder based on staffing requirements that you control.

Bank & Overtime

With NEXTRA, employees have the ability to add in availability and non-availability and notify managers or bank administrators when they are available for shifts. Employees can also see any shifts that are yet to be filled and employees can then add their own interest in the shift which immediately alerts managers making it easier to fill any unfilled requests.


Self Service

Allow your staff more flexibility over their own working pattern, annual leave and pay details which will in turn reduce the administrative queries and questions from your payroll teams and roster managers when using NEXTRA's Employee Self Service.


When collecting large quantities of data, it is vital you can report on it quickly, easily and efficiently. With NEXTRA’s report suite, you have the ability to access everything, either from the standard report set that includes a vast number of reports that have been designed for all organisations or create your own based on requirements you specify.

Absence Management

Absenteeism is disruptive to any organisation, not only is there a cost implication of replacement resources but the reduced productivity and disruption to the workforce is unaccountable. Employee absence can be managed to reduce the cost implications with the use of NEXTRA software.

Services we offer

Our company offers development of powerful, one-of-a-kind software intended to meet customers’ unique demands.

  • Project Management
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  • Onsite and Classroom Training
  • Customer Support
  • Bespoke Development