Many of our clients are experiencing Covid related absenteeism as high as 25%! Without us they would be struggling to manage their overtime, and updates to people's working patterns.

Our comprehensive tools manage the whole process for you, whilst massively reducing management time and costs from incorrect overtime payments (and the subsequent issues from unhappy staff if they donít get paid properly).

Replacing paper-based timesheets

Many companies we speak to still use paper-based timesheets because they have simply not been able to find an online solution that is flexible enough to cover all their business rules. Only NEXTRA has a rules engine that can manage all client timesheet requirements, no matter how complicated.

Paper-Based Leave Booking

Paper-based booking of sickness, leave and absence can be long-winded and complicated, especially across multiple sites within a single organisation. With different layers of approval, it is also difficult to manage and maintain cancellations and amendments. NEXTRA's systems are fully online and can be accessed through mobile and desktop computers to ensure that managers can make quick and effective decisions.

"hybrid working" causes problems

The world has changed, and organisations that build and print rotas using Excel can often struggle to handle staff who sometimes work from home to help prevent the spread of COVID. Managing changes, shift swaps and absence is reliant on the correct information being shared with employees in a timely manner to prevent confusion. NEXTRA's fully online systems allow you to manage the process directly from your preferred web browser.

Can't report on organisation data

Using Excel for HR tasks including reporting leads to fragmented employee information. It takes longer to gather information and mistakes happen. Without centralised, coordinated information, itís much more difficult for management to view multi-site reports. NEXTRA centralises all your information to a single point-source that can be accessed directly from your favourite web browser.

Printing staff rotas for notice boards

Posting paper-based rotas for staff in communal areas is a general annoyance. Many simply request a paper copy to keep for themselves, but these can often get lost and then staff are not easily able to find out when they are next working. This also increases your organisation's carbon footprint by printing unnecessarily. NEXTRA allows staff to access their rotas directly from their mobile devices, so no one should ever have a problem knowing when they're supposed to be working.

NHS Blood & Transplant

NHS Blood &Transplant provide a blood and transplantation service to the NHS, looking after blood donation services in England and transplant services across the UK. NHS Blood & Transplant have been a client of NEXTRA since 2016 and chose our solution because of its ability to manage both remote and location-based teams with very complex business rules and complex interfaces into the NHSís ESR Staff Records system.

Many sites & Many systems?

Many companies find themselves, through growth or acquisition, running multiple sites each with their own unique contracts, systems, and processes. NEXTRA are helping companies to consolidate data through a single solution to manage some of the issues below.

Multiple staff contracts

Does your organisation have issues managing legacy contracts across multiple sites? Here at NEXTRA we work with these types of organisations to provide simple, consolidated solutions.

All my sites have different systems

Do you find that your sites are all running independently with their own systems? This can incur significant ongoing annual costs to support and maintain multiple platforms, whilst not providing a single source of data. NEXTRA can centralise everything into a single comprehensive system.

Data is spread across multiple systems

Having data and employee information shared across multiple systems can be difficult to maintain and report upon from a GDPR perspective. Reporting across an entire organisation and trying to gather data from different systems can be difficult to manage and time consuming. NEXTRA can deliver a single unified view of all your staff data.

Do you have to make many phone calls to cover absence?

Finding available employees to cover absence when running multiple systems across numerous sites is time consuming, costly and requires user knowledge across multiple platforms. NEXTRA can provide a single system that allows you search for available staff and communicate quickly and effectively via their preferred communication method.

ABP Food Group

ABP Food Group has been supplying retailers, wholesalers, and food service providers for more than 60 years. They have 51 locations across 9 countries with more than 11,000 staff and turnover of more than Ä3bn. ABP Food Group has been a client of NEXTRA since March 2016 and chose our solution because of its ability to manage their diverse and complex rules across thousands of staff members spread over 13 sites in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Is your company suffering from spiralling staff costs and overtime payments?


Manual entry of staff working hours

An absence of clocking devices to record the start and end times of staff attending work can lead to excessive costs in administrative tasks to record working hours, as well as cost incurred from errors submitted in manual data entry.


Interpretation of payroll rules

For organisations still using spreadsheets and manual timesheets to record working hours, it is left to employees and managers to interpret how their hours relate to pay which can lead to arguments. This can cause manager and employee conflict, pay disputes and employee disatisfaction.


Paying staff accurately

Where employees are potentially working a variety of roles and shifts within an organisation, manual creation of timesheets and calculations for pay based upon hours worked, roles performed and differing pay rates becomes complex and lead to errors being made.


Unnecessary overtime

With no automated systems in place to manage and record overtime, shifts, employee hours and availability, it is possible for errors to be made when offering unnecessary overtime shifts incurring greater costs to the organisation.


Legacy Hardware and software

Organisations with legacy hardware and software will only be getting a small benefit from their current solutions. This will include a limitation in flexibility and the ability to replicate unique client specific processes.



Superdry represents energy, creativity, and an incubator for a new visual identity. Always experimenting. Always surprising. Superdry have been a client of NEXTRA since November 2012 and chose our solution due to our ability to handle operation across many locations in the UK combined with simplicity and speed of use that allows managers to complete their necessary time & attendance reporting far more quickly than using traditional paper-based options.

Does your HR environment need a refresh?

  • Time Recording

    With a global change in working practice where more employees are now either working from home or partly from home, organisations are finding the need to have more options available for recording time than traditional biometric methods. NEXTRA can offer a variety of options including mobile, PC and tablet clocking, as well as the more traditional biometric, swipe and RFID card readers or any combination of these options to achieve a solution specific to your organisation.

  • Company Property

    Keeping track of equipment being allocated to staff is time-consuming and can be difficult to manage when replacements are required. The NEXTRA solution is able to manage equipment's expiry dates effectively against employees, and provides an easy way for users to be alerted when renewal is required, removing the day to day worry of missing essential issues relating to staff equipment and company assets.

  • Skills and Qualifications

    Employee training records such as skills, qualifications and certificates are difficult to manage if paper-based. This can lead to a backlog in having up to date staff qualification records, and staff being assigned roles to work within the business for which they are no longer qualified. The NEXTRA solution provides a single central repository for all employee training records. This also gives viewership of the data to the employee, and allows them to update and upload new and renewed certificates directly to their managers when required.

  • Changing staff patterns to match company demand

    Consistently having to amend staff rotas to accomodate changes in demand and staff availability is a costly and time consuming exercise if carried out daily. The NEXTRA solution can accomodate staff working patterns for fixed and flexible workers, and once updates are published, they are immediately available to staff online to ensure they never miss a change in their working shifts.


    NEXTRA has a full and comprehensive suite of standard but customisable reports that will include everything your organisation requires to report across your various sites.

North Star Shipping

North Star Shipping provides 24/7 support for their clients in one of the world's busiest and most hostile marine environments. North Star Shipping chose NEXTRA in 2015 because of our ability to handle their complex business rules and manage both HR, personal and business data associated with recording the time worked by their ship-based staff. This includes our ability to manage the different crewing requirements of their vessels as well as skills, equipment, and staff bonuses.


30,000+ Staff Every Day

NEXTRA processes T&A, HR, Clocking, Rotas and Payroll for more than 30,000 staff every day.


£4.7M in Timesheet Savings Every Year

NEXTRA systems typically pay for themselves in the first year of operation due to the reduction in T&A errors.


£1.6M in Management Savings Every Year

NEXTRA systems can be accessed from anywhere and massively reduce the management overhead associated with T&A processes.