Workforce Management Software for Complex, Multi-site Organisations


NEXTRA is a leading edge provider of Next Generation Workforce Management Systems specifically designed to accomodate the unique needs of organisations with multiple sites, multiple staff contracts and complex business rules for T&A and Clocking.

At NEXTRA our people create lasting solutions to complex business challenges, allowing your business to operate seamlessly, effectively and profitably via NEXTRA's suite of business solution platforms and tools at the heart of everything we do.

Our solutions are tailored, managed and bespoke.

Upgrade to a smart workforce management system – for insight-led operational decisions that drive efficiency and growth into your business - We have the solution to your business need no matter how complex or demanding.

How We Will Work With You

The ease of entry and use is exceptional, our experienced and dedicated team will take you through the process from initial no cost review and response to ease of set up and operation. Our Integrated approach is both personal and bespoke. Our roadmap to success is a guide to your seamless implementation of NEXTRA’s workplace solutions – Making your business efficient and effective.


    Our dedicated rules team will work with you to fully understand and document your complex business rules.


    We will work with your principle stake holders to refine our rules scenarios to ensure that our understanding is 100% correct.


    Once your rules are sigend off and implemented, we will provide comprehensive support on an ongoing basis for all the areas of your business that NEXTRA covers.


    We will generate comprehensive rules scenarios documents that detail every rule with hundreds of scenarios to detail how your rules operate.


    NEXTRA will integrate with your 3rd party systems to ensure that our solutions have access to all the necessary data to implement your complex business rules.


    NEXTRA has a full and comprehensive suite of standard but customisable reports that will include everything your organisation requires to report across your various sites.


Not all time & attendance products are created equal. NEXTRA brings 20 years of business experience to your multi-site, multi-contract, complex rules organisation. We are thought leaders in our approach to workplace solutions, we have a voice and via our research team we continually invest in research and learning to bring our clients continued new technology efficiencies – We learn and share our learning in order to impact positive business change.

ABP Foods

ABP Food Group works with a network of over 35,000 farmers and is renowned for paying its suppliers on the day of delivery at strategically located local abattoirs that minimise animal transport distances. NEXTRA provides a mission critical solution to the needs of our multi-site organisation and we rely on them every month to accurately pay thousands of our staff - Gary Atwood, Director ABP Foods.

NHS Blood & Transplant

NHS Blood & Transplant provide blood and transplantation services to the NHS, looking after blood donation services in England and transplant services across the UK. We have worked for years with NEXTRA said Anthony Dorman, BD Business Lead for Electronic Rostering. Only NEXTRA can accomodate our complex business rules and understand how to integrate into the NHS's internal systems.

team overview

We believe that our team are our strongest asset. We build relationships with our clients that last for years. These are a few of the people you'll be working with.

John Thornewill

Managing Director

John is the Founder of RealFlair in 2000 which merged with Available 4 to become NEXTRA in 2012. John is passionate about designing software and technology that provides clients with genuinly innovative solutions to their business problems.John is responsible for the overall strategic direction of the business with a specific focus on operations and product development.


David Stickland

Commercial Director

David heads up all commercial development activities across the NEXTRA business. David is responsible for driving high level commercial relationships and development opportunities including strategic growth and targeted acquisitions. Enhanced product development and pricing is also at the heart of David’s strategy for commercially growing the business along with identifying new market opportunities, strategic partnerships and Investor relations.


Paul Dale

Accounts Director

With 20 years’ experience of selling and implementing Workforce Management Solutions, Paul now heads up our Account Management function. Paul is committed to understanding how the customer experience impacts all customers and improving the ways that we can work better together to enhance the customer journey. Adopting the attitude of ‘what can I do to make a difference’ is the approach that Paul takes in all situations and with open and honest communications, anything is possible.


Gemma Kendrick

Head of Projects and Implementation

Gemma joined the business in 2012 to work on our help desk, but has quickly risen to the role of heading up the entire implementation and project management team. Gemma is passionate about delivery of projects to clients on time and within budget. She has an encyclopedic knowledge of the product and how clients use it which is highly influential in the development process for updates to ensure that the product always fits the client's needs.


Jennifer Doel

Project Manager

Jennifer has been with NEXTRA for over 2 years having come from a dynamic service background, she has a deep understanding of the challenges multi-site businesses face with complex contracts and T&A rules. She is committed to providing an expertly high level of service, guiding customers through the challenging end-to-end process of upgrading business practices as well as ongoing support and collaboration.


Tim Ellis

Chief Technical Officer

Tim has been with the company since 2006 and it was his first job straight from University. He joined us as a junior developer and has since risen to the role of CTO. Tim is often described as being the other half of John's technical brain and is unique in his ability to be able to discuss complex technical concepts with clients and then to be able to translate it into the technical terminology used by the development team.


Rachel Barton

Senior Business Analyst

As the company's Senior Business Analyst, Rachel is involved in the documenting of complex T&A rules which the customer requires for payroll purposes. Rachel works alongside the customer to obtain this information, assist in the completion of scenarios and successfully implementing complex rules. Rachel is part of the ISO 27001 & ISO 9001 team who successfully gained accreditation in March 2021 and is responsible for the day to day management of all ISO processes.