event management

NEXTRA aggregates and stores all your company information relevant to the process of running events more effectively.

Operators of sites for conventions, conferences and concerts need to manage a mix of permanent full-time and part-time staff, ad-hoc and agency staff across multiple events and sites.

Time and costs for each event needs to be accurately recorded, paid for and billed. Shifts need to be allocated to staff utilising the right people at the right times - and there may be a need to bring in more at short notice.


Single, Live & Accurate

Massively reduce the issues and errors associated with incomplete or out of date information.

Live data allows you to proactively make changes to the running of your event whilst there is still time for those changes to have a positive impact.

The Best People In The Right Places

Utilise only qualified, available and appropriate staff who are safe to work.

Identify the most suitable agencies based on available skills and quality of previously provided staff.

The Past = Better Future

Identify the elements of events that were either the most or least efficient, and quickly view all data associated with those to better influence the way you run future events.

Monitor how changes to business practices have a positive overall effect on company profitability.


Happier Staff = Happier Clients

Improve staff morale by ensuring they are paid in a timely manner for the work they do.

Super-simple self service ensures that staff are able to rapidly respond to overtime and shift offers.

Empower Your Agencies

Puts the responsibility on agencies to acknowledge, confirm and allocate staff requests in compliance with company staff selection rules.

Comprehensive agency rate card and purchase order management combined with accurate staff time recording ensures far fewer payment issues and mutual overheads associated with invoice queries.

Be Financially Powerful

Improve supplier relations by ensuring invoices and purchase orders are managed correctly.

Reduce the time and the financial impact related to fixing mistakes.

Be more effective and profitable so that you are able to be more competitive in a crowded marketplace.

Services we offer

Our company offers development of powerful, one-of-a-kind software intended to meet customers’ unique demands.

  • Project Management
  • Hosting
  • Onsite and Classroom Training
  • Customer Support
  • Bespoke Development