NEXTRACARE combines our knowledge or working with companies in the care provision sector to include all the features necessary to manage your staff in a single comprehensive product.

Working in healthcare is a big responsibility and often requires people to work around the clock to the best of their ability. NEXTRA provides the tools to enable that to happen by allowing you to build rosters with no complications. One click to switch between different locations allows you to assign employees to work at multiple locations..


Build Rotas Quickly

A single point of entry for all staff data reduces errors that occur between disparate systems. Publish rotas weeks or months in advance and banish rotas produced on Excel that can get lost easily.

Improved visibility of live data for KPI and reporting and track changes to rotas including visibility of staff viewing changes on self-service.

The Best People In The Right Places

Utilise only qualified, available and appropriate staff who are safe and legal to work.

Identify the most suitable agencies based on available skills and quality of previously provided staff.

Resolve Shortfalls Quickly

Quickly identify and resolve staff shortfalls so if someone calls in sick, the system will identify a suggested list of possible qualified candidates to replace them or alternatively offer via SMS to staff for overtime or LIEU.


Simple Time Recording

NEXTRACARE is fully integrated with multiple time recording options to ensure that all staff are accurately paid for their time.

Options include biometric or swipe card terminals, mobile based clock in for remote staff, clocking via managerís tablet or self-service clock in for authorised users.

Comprehensive HR

Gather all your staff data into a single system including all documents, visa's work permits, certificates and qualifications.

All sensitive data is encryted both in transit and at rest and comprehensive access controls limit viewing to suitable managers only .

Easy Self-Service

A comprehensive suite of staff self-service tools to reduce the need for checking of day-to-day information with managers with access from any modern mobile phone, tablet, PC or MAC.

Provide staff the ability to book leave, manage lieu, download payslips, view theirs and their teamís rota, and mark their availability for overtime or extra shifts.

Services we offer

Our company offers development of powerful, one-of-a-kind software intended to meet customersí unique demands.

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