Bank & Overtime

NEXTRA’s Bank & Overtime module allows employees to add their availability for when shifts become available. Employees also have the ability to see what shifts are available to work. Once they have shown interest in the shift their managers will be alerted for approval and rejection. The module will filter shifts to ensure only qualified, appropriate and safe to work employees request to work


  • Built in solution for the effective management of resource gaps where client resources have been exhausted, and bank or agency staff are required
  • Messaging capabilities via email and text messages to ensure staff can be found for shifts, even at short notice.
  • Rules for highlighting and allocating of shifts for bank / agency consideration can be defined by the client.
  • The solution can be made accessible to an outside agency to streamline the offering of, allocation of and invoicing of required shifts.
  • Employees can register interest in available shifts subject to manager approval.
  • Employees can only see shifts they are qualified to do.