Rostering solutions

Innovative rostering, timesheet, workforce and asset management solutions

Simple. Stunning. Smart.

NEXTRA is a leading edge provider of Next Generation Workforce Management Systems that has been providing solutions to the public and private sectors for over 15 years. We have successfully implemented rostering, time and attendance and scheduling systems which operate within a number of industries through direct sales, partnerships and reseller agreements.

Time & Attendance

Track employees' hours whilst ensuring hours are worked when only required. Integrates with a wide range of industry standard clocking and biometric devices. Complies with complex payroll rules including multi-post staff, multi-currency and complex contractual rules.


Automatically build rosters based on static requirements or continually changing demand including managing the complexity, of multi skilled requirements and compliance with complex working time directive rules and industry specific regulations such as VOSA drivers rules.

Bank and Agency

NEXTRA gives the ability to fill bank requests as far into the future as your rosters permit. Fill requirements using internal staff or manage third party agencies from initial staff request through to purchase order management and invoicing.

Why choose us

Our solutions are more flexible and comply with a wide range of complex business rules and industry specific legislation. NEXTRA is highly customisable to ensure that our software will always fit your requirements - you do not need to change your requirements to fit our software.

  • Secure

    NEXTRA supports the highest level of data protection including field level database encryption and GDPR compliance.


    NEXTRA solutions allow you to achieve more with your existing workforce. Savings can be up to 27%.


    NEXTRA implementation staff are knowledgeable and highly motivated to deliver solutions on time and to budget.


    Our solutions can be accessed via PC, Mac & mobile browsers. Offline native applications are available for iOS and Android devices .


    NEXTRA provides a fully comprehensive API for easy integration into 3rd party applications and client internal systems.


    NEXTRA has a full and comprehensive suite of standard but customisable reports that will include everything your organisation requires.

Software & Services


  • Web-based
  • Flexible
  • Adaptable
  • SAAS available


  • Prince 2
  • Consultancy
  • Customer Support
  • Training


  • High Performance
  • Stable
  • Flexible
  • Secure

Amazing Features

Not all time & attendance products are created equal. Only NEXTRA provides a huge range of flexible features that can be easily adapted to your specific requirements.

Beautiful, modern design

Our apps offer our customers responsive and functional design that looks beautiful and modern in comparison with many other competitor products.

Broad functionality

Our product provides a wide range of functionality that goes far beyond the realms of typical T&A and HR software. This includes resource planning, financial management and payroll export.